A nosey round my home

Me and the little en spent today doing 'rainy day' stuff. The rain and HAIL!?! was absolutely pooring so we painted a bird box for grandma and cut up a Milly Molly Mandy book (I have 2 of the same) and made some bunting out of it for our reading corner. I totally stole the idea from Kate http://katebeatriceviolet.blogspot.com/ thanks for that! hehe! I love how it turned out.

Anyways when the weathers yucky I always feel the need to make inside all cosy and warm so a good clean up and change around was the order of the day. I'm always changing things around but I'm really happy with how I have things arranged (for now) our little cosy corner of the world. A home filled with colour, flowers and things I love make for a happy mummy!

I love having a little nosey 'round other peoples homes on their blogs so I hope you enjoy have a nosey 'round mind.

Lotsa love


  1. I loved taking a peek around your home. Our daughters both have the same ELC pastel kitchen (did you get the wooden mixer yet? you must,it's just gorgeous).

    Hail? Rain? I want some! We've been baking here in East Anglia since about February now,and I'm fed up with it. I need my rain!

    have a great week

    Sadie x

  2. Aaw thanks Sadie, I wanted that kitchen for my daughter 2 christmases ago but it was sold out so I had to get the red one from John Lewis instead which is nice but when the ELC one came up for sale this easter I just had to have it! It always bugged me that it didn't match her room - I'm a matchy matchy girl! So the red one is waiting to go to grandma's now and the shop's awaiting a revamp!
    Let's hope we can swap weather for a while

  3. Your house looks lovely and homely, thanks for showing us around! Your bunting looks great too, I found the idea somewhere else (can't remember where!) so can't take all the credit for it! xx


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