Berwick Upon Tweed

We've just got back from a beautiful few days caravaning in Berwick Upon Tweed. It was May's first real holiday and she LOVED IT! The weather wasn't the best but we carried on regardless and the beaches were just beautiful! so secluded with hardly anyone around really and they were all like that! It was surreal but so lovely. And we managed to get HALF PRICE ticket to the ALNWICK castle or "Hogwarts" It's the castle they use in the Harry Potter films and the castle and gardens are amazing! The area is full of castles we visited quite a few, Bamburgh and one in holy island, which is an island which you can get to at only certain times of the day depending on when the tide is in and out. It was a lovely quaint fisherman type village.
All in all an really lovely place to visit, just a shame it wasn't a little bit warmer.


  1. Hogwarts! Oh it is beautiful, I would love to go there, it looks amazing. It is a shame the wasn't better, but it looks like you had fun anyway.
    Eliska is two and a half. She is a bossy little madam at the moment.
    I will email you my address today. x

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time. Great photos x


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