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Wedding bells..

Im a huge procrasinator when it comes to actually sitting down and doing things I need to do within a certain time scale, no matter what good intentions I have I always end up being last minute with things. I've recentely started doing an online computer course, I can use a computer but don't have any formal IT qualifications so thought it may be helpful, anyways I literally have to force myself to do it and it's hard work. The internet is just so tempting for a quick check of a blog here or a little peak on ebay there, how kids get any homework doen these days I'll never know! To think we never even had access to computers when I was at school, let alone the world wide web! Do they even actually hand write anything these days? crazy thought eh! I went to look around a big school for May this past week and they were all sat there in class with their own laptops, I couldn't quite believe my eyes!
Anyways, the school was nice, going to see another next week, I can…

Autumn already ...

Hi all!

How on earth did it get to be October already! The summer, if you can call it that!?, flew by and oops! I didn't post at all. I kept thinking I'll post tomorrow and then well I didn't, but thanks for the nudge Gem, here I am updating my blog - finally!

Well where to start. The weather, as we all know, sucked for want of a better word. I had great plans of all these things to do with May and did, well not a lot of anything really yet as always we still managed to fill our days. I was feeling a bit 'eugh' during the the summer to be honest, probably the weather didn't help but I'm really must better now and am actually looking forward to getting all snuggled up in my winter coat...not long til Christmas now either and I am like a small child at Christmas I tell ya, I'm excited already!

My little one recently turned 4! I can hardly believe I am the mum of a 4 YEAR OLD!! Erm hello? How did 4 years just past by?? We has an amazing birthday (week) filled…