Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Wedding bells..

Im a huge procrasinator when it comes to actually sitting down and doing things I need to do within a certain time scale, no matter what good intentions I have I always end up being last minute with things. I've recentely started doing an online computer course, I can use a computer but don't have any formal IT qualifications so thought it may be helpful, anyways I literally have to force myself to do it and it's hard work. The internet is just so tempting for a quick check of a blog here or a little peak on ebay there, how kids get any homework doen these days I'll never know! To think we never even had access to computers when I was at school, let alone the world wide web! Do they even actually hand write anything these days? crazy thought eh! I went to look around a big school for May this past week and they were all sat there in class with their own laptops, I couldn't quite believe my eyes!
Anyways, the school was nice, going to see another next week, I can't believe this time next year she'll be at school! I think the whole thing was a little overwhelming for her though she wouldn't say, she's a brave little thing, you really have to coax these things out of her. She like that if she hurts herself to she's all "I'm fine, I'm fine!" until there's no one about and then she'll finally cave in and have a little cry. I love my daughter!

Anyways, along with the course I offered to make my friends wedding invites and they are finally finished! yay! You have no idea how long these have taken, between deciding on themes and colour and that darn glitter which took hours! But now they're finito and I'm so happy! One less thing to think about doing and then feeling guilty about for not doing in the evenings.

I'm loving the beautiful autumn weather and "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...soon the bells will ring..." get excited!!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Autumn already ...

Hi all!

How on earth did it get to be October already! The summer, if you can call it that!?, flew by and oops! I didn't post at all. I kept thinking I'll post tomorrow and then well I didn't, but thanks for the nudge Gem, here I am updating my blog - finally!

Well where to start. The weather, as we all know, sucked for want of a better word. I had great plans of all these things to do with May and did, well not a lot of anything really yet as always we still managed to fill our days. I was feeling a bit 'eugh' during the the summer to be honest, probably the weather didn't help but I'm really must better now and am actually looking forward to getting all snuggled up in my winter coat...not long til Christmas now either and I am like a small child at Christmas I tell ya, I'm excited already!

My little one recently turned 4! I can hardly believe I am the mum of a 4 YEAR OLD!! Erm hello? How did 4 years just past by?? We has an amazing birthday (week) filled with cake, music, dancing, playing, days out, train rides, lalaloopsys! Yes since my last post we actually now have the FULL collection! I kid you not! and I can't just blame May because I became obsessed with them too! Seriously they are like gold dust these things you have to strike while the iron's hot and buy them while you can before they sell out. Otherwise you end up on ebay paying extortionate (is that how you spell that?) prices! Lalaloopsy's were the theme of May's birthday, the cake was a joint effort between me and my mum, she made the cake I made the decorations.

We has a great day out to good ole Blackpool on the Train - May is train obsessed! We have many a great afternoon just down at the train station munching chips when I'm stuck for things to do, she loves it! Anyways we went after school on Friday afternoon (she just does mornings) with Granmda, had a shop in the afternoon and then a visit to Harry Ramsdons was in order. Yum! Then we decided to bus it Freeport while we waited for it to get dark to see the lights, only we didn't time it very well, we thought it was open late but nope, it was a ghost town! Oh well nevermind, they had an ASDA So we wasted some time in there, good old Asda price. The bus ride back was horrendous. I have never in my life seen as many teenage yobs taking over a bus! My god! I knew teenagers had a bad name these days but I'd never actually witnessed that kind of behaviour for my self. It was like being trapped on a school bus, and just as you think it couldn't get any worse, more and more kept getting on at each stop. The bus was actually swaying! Craziness! They were all of 15/16 on their way into Blackppol at night..err hello parents? Do you not even care that your kids are blatantly off to partake in some underage drinking in BLACKPOOL and then have like an hour bus journey home? Unbelievable! May kept shouting that it was too noisy and they were so naughty! hehe! She's not wrong there!
Anywho, once we finally got off the bus ride from hell, The lights were pretty good and there was some kind of fireworks show, so bus journey aside a great day.

Well I'll leave it there for now, more later.
Lotsa love xxx

Thursday, 7 July 2011

May Spells a lot...

Well I caved (well Grandma did) and May now has her very first (mini) lalaloopsy doll, Bea Spells a Lot. Love love love. My mum and I are now addicted to finding these little treasures they're like gold dust you can't find them anywhere, we're stocking up when we can for the little one's birthday. She has a poster and is so excited to collect them. I like to think collecting something teaches good lessons but I think I'm just making myself feel better! hehe!
Anyways Bea spells a lot is made from an old school uniform, so goes the tale and of course is an excellent speller. This inspired May to practice, practice, and practice some more and I know I'm biased but I think this is pretty darn GREAT for a THREE YEAR OLD. Super proud mum moments! Her writing and spelling is coming on in leaps and bounds AND more importantly she LOVES to practice. I never force her into it she asks me! I'm all for letting kids learn at there own pace and encouraging everything as and when it happens and well I'm pretty happy with how that's working for her.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Sunshine on a rainy day

Time seems to have completely run away with me lately I've had lots I've wanted to blog about but just haven't been able to find the time lately. Last weekend was awful weather wise, lots of miserable rainy days but then this beautiful parcel arrived from Tracy over at her beautiful blog
Thank you soo much! I was over the moon (though not quite as much as May) to receive such a beautiful package (thank you for being so patient Tracy yours is on the way to you now, I hope it arrives safely soon)
My daughter and me are huge fans of Tracy's beautiful handmade dolls, we now have 3 of her creations and May decided (all on her own I might add) to name them, Milly Molly Mandy! very creative I thought, she's a big fan of the Milly Molly Mandy books and sings the song ALLLL DAYY LONG! Seriuosly when my friends came to visit a few months ago they had it stuck in their heads for weeks afterwards, anyways, I was super excited to get such a thoughtful package and me and Tracy seem to have exactly the same taste in things! she sents some little surprises that I love! Thank you!
The little fairy doll is permantly attached to May!

I have a lot more I want to blog but I'll leave that til tomorrow,

lotsa love xxx

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

more makes...

Hi all, first of all I'd like to say a big hello and thank you to all my followers, I honestly was surprised to get even one follower but to now have 12 is just lovely, It's a lovely feeling to feel a part of this lovely blog community. I love all your blogs too! So many lovely people and ideas to get inspiration from. So THANKS!

I've been working on my new found sewing skills lately so here are a few pictures of some things I've been making lately, I 'm having a hard time understanding patterns it's like a foreign language to me so I just make it up and adapt as i go aong, sometimes it's been working sometimes not so much!

The picture is a Gorguss postcard I found for 60P!!! in a craft shop and just stuck on some lovely thick craft paper and then onto the beautiful frame my mum found me on a carboot for like a £1, I'm really pleased with it. I'm a big fan of the Gorguss prints, she also does bags and stationary and stuff.

Hope you're all having a great week so far, the weather here is weird o rama! It's like winter one me then yucky humid indian summer type hot the next! Me and May have been doing lots of beading and crating to pass away the time, we've had lots of fun with some paper dolls I found in a clearance book shop for £1 each too! And my little tom boy has been having a fireman sam phase and her grandad spoiled her this week with some toys so that's keeping her busy busy! In between rushed visits to the park when we have a break from the rain it's all she's been playing with lately.

That said I don't know how I've not discovered them before since I love all things dolls, but we've recently discovered Lalaloopsy dolls which I am in love with and my daughter has asked the birthday fairies for one called blossom flowerpot, and a few chocolate coins too please fairies she shouted up to them! hehe! she does make me laugh! I'm so excited to start a collection of them! I can already picture them sat on her bedroom shelves! I love being a mum! You get to be a kid again!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The bright side of life..

Sometimes I have phases were I'm prone to dwell on the bad, let it get to me, over think situations, think how I could've and should've reacted and generally focus on the bad things in my life like the fact that I have dumb ass neighbours who have their music blaring at all hours of the day and are generally inconsiderate, or the fact that due to stress or hormones or actually the doctors have no idea my hair is falling out and for about 90% of the time it's all I think about, whether or not people are noticing, is it really obvious, are they thinking I look like a freak? why can't I just look normal! Or how at play school May always says hello to everyone and last week she asked a little girl to sit next to her to which the girl just looked at her like something you stand in and walked away, so May ended up sitting all by herself and there was nothing I could do about it. May however doesn't let it quash (i think that's a word) her happy little spirit, I can definitely learn a lot from her. Today she was happily sitting at the table painting and singing and talking to her self and she started singing "always look on the bright side of life" and said "mummy you have to look at the bright side of life don't you coz it says bright side not black side!" hehehe! It made me laugh a lot! She's so very wise my daughter! and this is so very true, yes there are bad things and bad people in the world but hey not all is bad and I am truly blessed in many ways. I have an AMAZING daughter and family, our home is lovely, I have amazing friends and have been lucky enough to meet some new and lovely blog friends recently for which am thankful. When I'm stood at the playschool waiting to pick May up I often say hello and no one ever wants to talk to me, I've always felt my face doesn't fit so to speak and sometimes it gets to me but I'm going to make a conscience effort to look on the bright side, I have amazing people in my life and lots to be happy about so the other stuff just doesn't matter.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

My First Makes

Here's some pics of my first makes on the sewing machine, I have to say It's a really nice feeling to have May twirling around in a skirt I have made. The red and cream one I made first and The Cath Kidston one I made out of a pillow case I had which I unpicked! Pretty proud of my little self! hehe! I also made a little heart and the button picture is a pressie for my mum, I had done red and blue but she's changing colour scheme so I just swapped the red for a green heart x

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Fridays Finds...

After play school on Friday we usually nip into town to have a look around and go to a cafe - May's favourite thing! After a nice cuppa tea we went off to primark to find some shoes for a new dress I bought the other week, which I love love love. It's from Diana Vickers' new range and is very 60s. Anyways, I need some new shoes now to go with but of course there's never any to be found when you're looking is there? But yet always millions when you're not, how does that work?!? I did pick up a cute pair for May tho, some 'faux' pearls and a lovely little daisy headband.
So we gave up on the shoe search and went to good old TKMaxx instead, though it was obviously one of those days coz it was a bit dissapointing in there too! I did however get this picture frame for £3.00! for this beautiful print I've been wanting to frame for a while and picked up this tray for £1.49 from B&M bargains! yay!
My mum has been teaching me how to use her old sewing machine and I'm super excited that I can actually do it! My first make was the table cloth on the little side table and last night I made May a skirt, pictures to follow! I'm excited, I think I've got the sewing bug, any suggestions what else to try to make as a beginner?
Hope you all have a great weekend, it's yucky yuckison weather here! here's hoping mr sunshine makes at least one appearance this half term

Monday, 23 May 2011

A nosey round my home

Me and the little en spent today doing 'rainy day' stuff. The rain and HAIL!?! was absolutely pooring so we painted a bird box for grandma and cut up a Milly Molly Mandy book (I have 2 of the same) and made some bunting out of it for our reading corner. I totally stole the idea from Kate http://katebeatriceviolet.blogspot.com/ thanks for that! hehe! I love how it turned out.

Anyways when the weathers yucky I always feel the need to make inside all cosy and warm so a good clean up and change around was the order of the day. I'm always changing things around but I'm really happy with how I have things arranged (for now) our little cosy corner of the world. A home filled with colour, flowers and things I love make for a happy mummy!

I love having a little nosey 'round other peoples homes on their blogs so I hope you enjoy have a nosey 'round mind.

Lotsa love

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Look what arrived...

HOW lovely? Thank you so much! The lovely Tracey from "http://tracynko-motile.blogspot.com/" Romi and Bob - she has a beautiful blog and home - and I did a swap and she made my daughter the doll which she loves! It made my day, I love getting packages in the mail, I'm seriously like a little girl at christmas! It's the small things eh! And in the age of email and the internet there's nothing like a real handwritten letter and personally put together package to make you feel special. I have a lot of friends that live all over the world from when I travelled when I was a student and I love that we send packages to each other, even if it's just a mixed cd, it's so nice to receive something that someone has put thought, time and effort into.

I've been feeling a little off lately and the weather's gone back to being rainy and miserable so my mum was called upon yesterday to come help me out! I really don't know what I'd do without my mum she's my best friend! Anyways once i'd had a good sleep I felt a little better and we ended up having a lovely night watching dvd. Enchanted was the film of choice last night! I've seen it like a million times and the little one loves it too but it never fails to make me smile. If you haven't seen it you should.


PS, I've been trying for ages to link things can anybody help me?
Thanks x

Monday, 16 May 2011

Song of the day...


LOVING this song!



Saturday, 14 May 2011

Berwick Upon Tweed

We've just got back from a beautiful few days caravaning in Berwick Upon Tweed. It was May's first real holiday and she LOVED IT! The weather wasn't the best but we carried on regardless and the beaches were just beautiful! so secluded with hardly anyone around really and they were all like that! It was surreal but so lovely. And we managed to get HALF PRICE ticket to the ALNWICK castle or "Hogwarts" It's the castle they use in the Harry Potter films and the castle and gardens are amazing! The area is full of castles we visited quite a few, Bamburgh and one in holy island, which is an island which you can get to at only certain times of the day depending on when the tide is in and out. It was a lovely quaint fisherman type village.
All in all an really lovely place to visit, just a shame it wasn't a little bit warmer.