May Spells a lot...

Well I caved (well Grandma did) and May now has her very first (mini) lalaloopsy doll, Bea Spells a Lot. Love love love. My mum and I are now addicted to finding these little treasures they're like gold dust you can't find them anywhere, we're stocking up when we can for the little one's birthday. She has a poster and is so excited to collect them. I like to think collecting something teaches good lessons but I think I'm just making myself feel better! hehe!
Anyways Bea spells a lot is made from an old school uniform, so goes the tale and of course is an excellent speller. This inspired May to practice, practice, and practice some more and I know I'm biased but I think this is pretty darn GREAT for a THREE YEAR OLD. Super proud mum moments! Her writing and spelling is coming on in leaps and bounds AND more importantly she LOVES to practice. I never force her into it she asks me! I'm all for letting kids learn at there own pace and encouraging everything as and when it happens and well I'm pretty happy with how that's working for her.


  1. GORGEOUS!!!! What IS the doll though, never heard of it. Will google it now.
    Your clever little girlie eh?! Hope you are well
    x x x

  2. Thanks Gem! They're called Lalaloopsy dolls. They used to be called Bitty Buttons I think, We've only just discovered them ourselves but now we're addicted! It's the first girly thing that May has REALLY been interested in. Google will tell all and then you're addiction will begin too! hehe! xxx lotsa love x

  3. The dolls are lovely and there is lots of fun to be found in collecting. She looks to be quite advanced for her age, what a clever girlie. xxx

  4. Well done May!! Great writing xx

  5. it's amazing for a 3 year old! x

  6. Hello there! What a cute blog. I am in love with your title picture- it's what I'd love my little girl's room to look like.
    I've had a peek at some of your other posts and love your sewing creations- i've just dusted off my Nan's old machine and am also learning to make little projects too. Funnily enough, I've made hearts a bit like yours!
    Anyhoo, am newest follower so I can keep in touch. Do pop over and say hello if you have time.

  7. awww bless and writing like that at 3yrs! wow!
    your doing it all right lovely ;0)x

  8. Hoo this is SO sweet .. <3

  9. thanks for the love and hugs on my blog ~ the turn of the tv post! i wanted to reply here to make sure you saw it. xxxx

  10. Did you say she was only 3 years old? WOW her writing is brilliant for that age! My 4 year old is just now writing her letters. Aren't the lalaloopsys great? My girls adore them too!


  11. Hurry up and update your blog! I miss you!
    x x


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