Sunday, 14 February 2010

Morning all. Well it's been a busy week, the little one's been full of cold so we're both tired out, lots of getting in a out of mum's bed last night, in the end we went and watched wallace and gromit - her new fave, until she nodded off. Poor little thing, it's bad enough having a cold anyways but when you're two! Thank goodness I decided to let her have the swine flu jab else I'd be worrying. I debated long and hard, researching on the web but decided it was better to than not and she was so brave I was amazed. The last few times we've had to go to the doctors have been a nightmare she just downright hated it, another reason why I was unsure, was it really worth putting her through it? A peppa pig doctors kit later and a dora the explorer book and lots and lots of playing and reading and the doctors phobia seems to have disapeared, yey!! A new favourite game is to shout "inection time!" and then inject all her 'friends' and give out stickers and say "see that wasn't so bad was it, i'm very brave!"
She's so clever she even used the "I'm very brave" card to get out of trouble the other I couldn't help but laugh.
Otherwise we went to a mum and toddler group the other day, was ok, M was a little wary at first but then loved it and we played in the sand (or the seaside as she called it) for over an hour. There wasn't really much interaction going on but maybe if we keep going that'll change, we'll see.
The toddler group was followed by a big girl drink in the cafe, and a walk round tesco and tk maxx, unfortunately no purchases were made this time! boo!
K & Co were on QVC this week and I'm just in love with it all, I'll have to get saving my pennies!
Hope everyones having a lovely weekend, oh yeah, and happy valentines day!
love and sunshine xoxo

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Typical Sunday

Not a lot to report today really just a typical Sunday for us girls. Spent the morning cleaning, washing, baking .. it's a little tradition of ours to bake on a sunday coz we like listening to BBC radio lancashire - the morning show presenters make me chuckle and then it's country(music) in the my daughter would say "we like country don't we!" hehe!

I spent the rest of the afternoon re arranging my furniture only to put it all back exactly as it was in the first place! no matter how many times I've done this before I can't rest once I've got an idea I just have to see what it looks like and then low and behold it looked better before!!?? My litte lovely just sits looking at me like "oh mum! at it again! won't you ever learn!" hehe! am I the only one that does this??

Anyways, my little love's tucked up in bed now. I've just done a little scrapbooking and made a card for a friend who's just bought her very first house! V exciting, now I'm gunna browse the net for some inspiration for a little pressie.

night xoxo

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Since I've not really blogged before I thought I'd give you a little insight into my style and tastes so heres a little look at my beloved home...

so, it's only taken me the best part of a year but I'm back in blogging action and I just had to share my new Cath Kidston plates! I'm beyond excited! Next on the CK wish list for me is a purse to go with my new major pined (pine-d?! never could spell this word!) for messenger bag which my brother has kindly bought me for my birthday - he won't give it me until the day though and it's still weeks away! oh well it'll be worth the wait!
If you're reading this thanks so much I hope you've had a lovely start to 2010 .. I still can't believe it's Feb '10! It seems only yesterday I was cooking the christmas dinner and wrapping presents!
It's my new years resolution to keep an up to date record of stuff so I'm gunna "try" and stick to this blogging lark! wish me luck!
lotsa love xoxo