Typical Sunday

Not a lot to report today really just a typical Sunday for us girls. Spent the morning cleaning, washing, baking .. it's a little tradition of ours to bake on a sunday coz we like listening to BBC radio lancashire - the morning show presenters make me chuckle and then it's country(music) in the afternoon..as my daughter would say "we like country don't we!" hehe!

I spent the rest of the afternoon re arranging my furniture only to put it all back exactly as it was in the first place! no matter how many times I've done this before I can't rest once I've got an idea I just have to see what it looks like and then low and behold it looked better before!!?? My litte lovely just sits looking at me like "oh mum! at it again! won't you ever learn!" hehe! am I the only one that does this??

Anyways, my little love's tucked up in bed now. I've just done a little scrapbooking and made a card for a friend who's just bought her very first house! V exciting, now I'm gunna browse the net for some inspiration for a little pressie.

night xoxo


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