The bright side of life..

Sometimes I have phases were I'm prone to dwell on the bad, let it get to me, over think situations, think how I could've and should've reacted and generally focus on the bad things in my life like the fact that I have dumb ass neighbours who have their music blaring at all hours of the day and are generally inconsiderate, or the fact that due to stress or hormones or actually the doctors have no idea my hair is falling out and for about 90% of the time it's all I think about, whether or not people are noticing, is it really obvious, are they thinking I look like a freak? why can't I just look normal! Or how at play school May always says hello to everyone and last week she asked a little girl to sit next to her to which the girl just looked at her like something you stand in and walked away, so May ended up sitting all by herself and there was nothing I could do about it. May however doesn't let it quash (i think that's a word) her happy little spirit, I can definitely learn a lot from her. Today she was happily sitting at the table painting and singing and talking to her self and she started singing "always look on the bright side of life" and said "mummy you have to look at the bright side of life don't you coz it says bright side not black side!" hehehe! It made me laugh a lot! She's so very wise my daughter! and this is so very true, yes there are bad things and bad people in the world but hey not all is bad and I am truly blessed in many ways. I have an AMAZING daughter and family, our home is lovely, I have amazing friends and have been lucky enough to meet some new and lovely blog friends recently for which am thankful. When I'm stood at the playschool waiting to pick May up I often say hello and no one ever wants to talk to me, I've always felt my face doesn't fit so to speak and sometimes it gets to me but I'm going to make a conscience effort to look on the bright side, I have amazing people in my life and lots to be happy about so the other stuff just doesn't matter.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about so much of this. I have often felt my face doesn't fit, but I on reflection afterwards I have sometimes thought it says more about those peoúle than me. Sadly, too, groups of other Mums can be very cliquey. You might look a damn sight more interesting than them and they are a bit intimidated!
    The thought of anyone upsetting our little ones is awful. You have obvioulsy got a lovely friendly little girl, she sounds great! I love her little comments, what a clever girl. I have tried to teach Eliska to be nice, not hit people etc. When I see how awful some kids can be I sometimes wonder if I should have taught her to be a bit tougher! But they are resilient.
    There is no way you look like a freak, but losing hair must be stressful. A lot of mine came out when I was seventeen, then it suddenly stopped and went back to normal. I found it quite frightening at the time. I hope you get more answers about it. There might be supplements that could help or maybe different things you could do with your hair so you don't feel self conscious.
    I sometimes wish I could sweep up my nice blog friends and have a nice tea party. It is lovely to have something in common with people and is a big help when I feel isolated. I miss hanging out with my old friends reading magazines and chatting. Not many people here get me, I stand out like a sore thumb here!
    I hope I haven't rambled too much.
    Tracy xxx

  2. Aaw thank you so much for this comment Tracy, it's just sometimes nice to hear you're not alone and not the only one who feels that way sometimes! I can't imagine how tough it must be for you at times but yay for bloggy friends!
    I totally know what you mean about teaching our little uns to be tougher, it's hard this parenting lark, a part of me wants to teach her to stick up for herself and don't stand up for any messing but then I was brought up to treat others as you want to be treated and manners and kindness are important so it's a toughy eh.
    I guess you just have to hope for the best. Have you any other mums over there you're friends with? Mostly my friends are just at the about to have babies now or getting married stage so it's lovely to be able to talk about it on here.

  3. Not many people speak English and a lot of the ones that can are very different culturally. I sound a bit stand offish, but the ypierce baby girlss ears, potty train them at one year and a lot of people smack their children, which I am really not into. I have one nice Czech friend that I have more in common with. I also know a few Brit mums here. Mums in my village are a bit straight and not into what I like at all, or a bit chavvy. I am hoping to meet more people I have stuff in common with, who are into crafts and slightly different stuff. I live in hope! Home style is different too, either old fashioned in a bad way or very modern, which is not my bag. That is why I like blogging, as it brings me into contact with people I have stuff in common with like you dear. xxx By the way, I reckon you do a great job with May. x

  4. Wow Trace! I think you are doing an amazing job getting on with things over there! It must be so isolating at times but I am certain there are other treasures like you out there to be found and befriended! It must be so hard with the language barrier, but Eliska will be your little transilator in no time! hehe! Meeting new people is hard anyways I mean being a mummy of a little en there's not really anywhere you can meet anyone, I guess that comes once they start school. I'm sure once you get all settled in your new house (eee! you must be SO excited) you'll get to know the neighbours and what not, and there's always us old bloggy friends to talk to if all else fails!!


  5. oh it's so easy to get swamped and overwhelmed by the bad things. I have suffered from depression for many years, and am on the up at the moment, but still have times (like this last week) where i just get swallowed by all the negativity and really have to focus on looking at the positives to pull me out of my black hole ~ it's worth it though!

    just came across your lovely blog and am now following!

  6. I thought I'd posted on this. I did but maybe it didn't save. Have to sign off now but I PROMISE I messaged on you on this post to say how much I loved your blog.
    Will come back tomorrow when less busy and re write it all!!!!!It was also to say I have the hormonal hair thing. Been put on iron tablets now too. x
    x x

  7. Aaw thanks Gem! Lotsa love xxx


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