I have my interbet back! yay!

How sad is it that after just two weeks without internet it's made my day to get it back! I felt lost without it! I feel very pathetic as I still remember the days of no interent, no mobile phones and people had to actually ring and talk to a person not just a machine! crazy! I can'T even imagine wht new technology will be around once my three year old is grown up?!? Anyways that said I;m so happy to have it back in my life!

I had the most lovely birthday, I was 28 which makes me feel like I should be a proper grown up but in many ways I do not feel it, I wonder if I ever will?
Anyways, I was spoilt S.P.O.I.L.T by my mum who got me this:

Needless to say I am a HUGE Cath Kidston fan and was over the moon, and to top it off my brother got me:

In addition my friend took me and little M for a fun filed day out in Lytham which is just beautiful and mr sunshine came out to play. The little en LOVED it, train rides, trampolines, seaside, even Macdonalds - which we have rarely! It was a really great day!

Since then the weather here over April (it's taken a slight turn for the worse so far in May but I'm hoping it's just a blip) has been ace! Beautiful sunshine all over easter which just seems to bring out the best in people I think. I know I am always a lot happier and positive when the suns shining! Being outside just does wonders for you I think. It's hard to look on the bright side when you're cooped up inside all the time after christmas what is there to look forward to in jan and feb, so I for one am soooooooo happy Spring is here! I wonder if it's because I'm a spring baby that I love spring so much? My mum's really into Halloween and and she's an autumn baby, anybody else think this or am I just being weird? hehe!

anyways, back soon with more pics from this glorious weather we've been having,
oh and who else LOVED Kate's dress? the lace was sp beautiful! My friends have either loved it or hated it, i LOVED IT!


  1. hi, so glad you are back! The internet is a funny one. It helps mea lot being so far from Blighty, but I think I spend too much time on it, naughty me. It gives you a glimpe into the lives of others though and i is really nice when you can meet like minded people.
    The time of year is supoosed to actually affect your personality a lot, so I think you are right. I am weird and quite like Winter and I was born on Christmas eve. I love the sun too though and it just makes everything alright sometimes.
    I love your new Cath things. Sooooooooooo gorgeous.
    I am glad you like my dolls as I sometimes hink they are crap and noone likes them and I should give up! As you can see, I should be a bit more positive sometimes.
    I am hoping your doll will be finished today. I will post some pics when she is. I will email about the magazines, but am a bit worried about pstage costs for you as I do not want to swindle you. xxx


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