The lovely Tracey from Romi and Bob and I are doin a little swap a roo and she has made me THE most beautiful doll, go over there and check out the pics she's super talented and is happy to do more swaps I think! yay! so get yourselves over there.

The rain is back and I've been in a 'can't really be bothered' mood all day! I'm going on a mini camping trip for a couple days and all I have done in preperation is wash basically all our clothes which are now all over the house drying, eugh! Oh well, last minute girl that I am will for sure be in the mood tomorrow to get everything sorted! I hope! please please sunshine come out to play for us! fingers crossed!

To continue with the theme of the day I'm going to do a lot of nothing this evening too except snuggle up and watch a film. 'Julie and Julia' tonight I think which makes me daydream about one day living in Paris and inspires me to learn to cook the french way. I may just have to purchase Julia Child's book one of these days and actually do something about that instead of just daydreaming about it! Excellent film by the way if you haven't already seen it you should, Meryl Streep is amazing! Though I do love her in pretty much all her films. I think she'd great.

ok well night night blogland...
speak soon.

(Two posts in two days - hey I'm getting better at this! yay! hehe!)


  1. Hi there
    found your blog through romi and bob and just wanted to say hi. I am also a big Cath K fan and love the picture at the top of your blog x

  2. Hello, I have emailed you about the doll and magazines. x

  3. Hello, I emailed again about magazines, not sure if you are back yet, hope you had fun. x

  4. Hi Kate! Thanks! That's a pic of my daughter's bedroom, it took me a while but I finally got it how I wanted it and she loves it.

  5. Thanks Tracey, we had a great time! I wrote a note about the mags on your blog xxx


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