hello again blogland!

Wow! I actually cannot believe how long it has been since my last post. So that's two failed (very miserably I might add) attempts to get involved in this alternate universe that is blogland! Third time lucky? ... I guess we'll see.
I guess the main problem I have is that I have so many thoughts and ideas about what to write and do with my blog that I get overwhelmed and end up writing absolutely noting at all. I read everybody elses, and love it and get so inspired and then feel almost too intimidated to write anything of my own. Nevertheless, here I go again, I'm gunna give a (another) go.
I don't think I'm going to even try to sum up the last YEAR!? Alot and also kinda nothing at all has happened, so I'll just start writing this blog from scratch as of now....


  1. Hi, Tracy here from Romi and Bob.
    I love your Cath Kidston plates and your hozuse is very cute. How sweet that you are April and your daughter is May, bless.
    Don't worry about what to write, just write about you and what you like. That is what I try to do. x


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