"It Does Not Do To Dwell On Dreams and Forget To Live."

hallo hallo! How ya diddling? My goodness it's been a long time since I last wrote. So much has changed and almost nothing at all has. I always find writing blogs so hard, it's like if I was chatting and laughing away with a friend and then someone shoved a camera in my face I'd just go all shy and not know what to say. My daughter on the other hand does not have that problem, although that may or may not have something to do with the fact that she has basically grown up - like most kids these days - with a camera or phone or ipad or tablet thrust in front of her face whilst she is asked to continously say "cheeeeese!" whilst the perfect shot is achieved. I am not even comfortable with the world of 'selfies!' although my mum and I have taken to sending the occasional selfie to each other for a laugh. People actually must spend hours taking pictures of themselves to post on facebook and instagram! I know I'd have to take at least 100 before I got one I was completely happy with the world seeing. That said I have taken a liking to Instagram lately it is quite addictive.. a little glimpse into others, mostly perfect and beautiful, lives. What is it they say about pictures, it speaks a 1000 words??? no that doesn't sound right, I think I've totally just made that up haven't I? oh well. Anyways, today I have used my day off to clean my kitchen from top to bottom and feel thoroughly happy in the knowledge that everywhere is now spotless. We have also bought into the whole loom band hype, yes I caved! and am now addicted myself and may even be watching you tube video tutorials! I am such a geek! My little en recently got into Harry Potter and I have spent so many hours trawling the interweb for 'harry potter bedroom tours' 'harry potter bedroom ideas' 'harry potter room' etc etc How disapointing! There's hardly any!?! what's that about? I expected loads. Nevertheless I got a few ideas and her new Hogwarts style-y room is complete! Pictures to follow...I am pretty pleased with myself let me tell you! Wallpapering by using a desk as a paste table in the the other room, crawling under and around furniture dotted around the flat with pasted paper in hand trawling to her room only to have to crawl under her mid rise bed which was perched in the middle of the room - because trust me I was not taking that thing apart it was an absolute night to put together in the first place, under the mattress are like a load of bars attached to a like a band of material and it was like never ending puzzle, when you just got one side right the other would fall..eugh, anyways that's better best forgotten, I digress - was no easy feat but with lots of lovely positive thought I got there in the end! The worst part of the whole process was striping the dreaded wallpaper, it would not come off! it literally took me a whole day to do a tiny section, at one point i was ready to just leave the stupid stuff on there and paper over it, but no I persevered and it finally came off! HUGE celebration in the form of a cuppa tea and a time out followed! twas all worth it in the end because my little lovely LOVES it! me too actually! Is it sad that I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan (I'm very late jumping on this bandwagon I know) and kinda want my room like it too! I love having a project like this to sink my teeth into, I think I missed my calling in life, I need to be doing something creative, but as ever I'm all talk/dreamy/what if-y and no action! I've just never found my niche. My jobs ok but definitely just a means to and end, not my life's passion, at all! I am definitely grateful for my lot I just feel nows the time I need to figure out what I want to do for me, I just don't know what that is yet. xxx


  1. How come when I blog it all ends up as one big mass of text? can anyone teach me how to prettify it a bit? thanks xxx

  2. No idea re the text but I am just so flipping glad you are back!!!! It's been ages! welcome.
    I HATE Instagram and left it as the blog world seemed to be dying.
    Xx. X x


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