Well, after many weeks of becoming completely obsessed by other peoples blogs and 'blog hopping' as I've heard it described, I've decided to have a go at this myself. I'm not sure as to what direction I want to take with this thing, so for the time being I'll just post whatever comes to mind.

I'm April and My daughter is May...

I'm a single mummy and love every single minute of it. I'm a beginner scrapbooker and baker and interior designer and love all things artsy and inspiring.

I've no idea who, if anybody will read this but either way, more later ...


  1. Hi April

    Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog, Coffee & Roses, about Fairytale of New York - I'm so glad you enjoyed it! The only thing I ever wanted for my novel was for people to love the story, so you've made my day!

    Brightest wishes

    Miranda x


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